Help us enter the Marked Register for the 2019 General Election

How people vote at elections is secret. Whether someone voted is available in a document called the ‘marked register’. This is a copy of the electoral register marked up by electoral administrators to show when ballot papers were issued (for in-person voting) or returned (for postal voting).

This is a vital tool for targeting doorstep and postal campaigns, and we need your help to enter the data drawn from the 2019 General Election for Croydon North.

The register is split by polling station. Entering the data for a single station should be fairly quick and painless. A brief training video will be provided to you along with the relevant data in Adobe PDF format.

If you’re willing to help please complete the short form below.

    CNCLP will store your information until February 2021, after which all personally identifiable information will be deleted. Your data will not be used for any other purpose than the Marked Register project.